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Are there any limitation I should be aware of MSMQ?

I want to use it to read and write messages, but a lot of messages.

The numbers should be around 200,000 - 300,000 in one minute.

Any thoughts? should it work?

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what is the reason you want to use MSMQ? –  Felice Pollano Aug 16 '12 at 13:07
Doing a quick performance testing on my (admittedly good, with an SSD) developer machine, on a non-transactional queue, gives me: 30,050 messages/second, or 1,803,055 messages/minute. More than enough for what you need. –  Rodolfo Grave Apr 10 at 15:15

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MSMQ is a queue, where the main benefits are to decouple the sender(s) and the receiver(s) of messages (e.g. receiving system can be offline).

If guaranteed latency is a requirement, then I would look elsewhere (e.g. .NET remoting / WCF NetTCP binding, etc)

That said, we have used MSMQ with low grade hardware with burst rates >> 500 messages per second, but in an integration (EAI) environment, with the benefits of MSMQ being:

  • asynchronous - processes which send and receive messages can happen at different rates
  • potentially transactional (e.g. under DTC, a message can be put on a queue and updated in a database, under a UOW)
  • audited (journalling)
  • dead letter queue - i.e. if the receiver never picks up the message after a defined time period.

Low latency was never a requirement - reliability and integrity were the main drivers.

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For small, nontransactional messages, this could theoretically be possible, but it's at the upper end of what I've personally heard of. Stay away from transactional queues, though -- I seriously doubt you'll be able to get that kind of throughput on any realistic platform.

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+1 - a cigarette box calc shows that at a sustained rate 300k messages / minute at 10k / message = 180GB per hour. Not in MSMQ's league. –  StuartLC Aug 16 '12 at 13:24
I forgot to mention that I am about to delete every received message by a service that will run on the MSMQ server –  Ido Lazar Aug 16 '12 at 13:26

I've had problems with this kind of volume in MSMQ because of the dreaded Insufficient Resources problem.

It seems like this would be a rare occurrence, but it happened to me a few times.

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Check out this article : link It says that MSMQ shouldn't be used as a storage product but used as a transport mechanism.

You could have services that read the messages from the queues and process them in a transactional way. Here (MSDN link) you can find some examples. Create a small sample, do some load tests, see if it works.

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