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I have a rotating image header (using jquery Cycle) that has a width of 1400px. The site it sits within has a width of 960px.

When the browser is resized - I get horizontal scrollbars at 1400px. I need them to ONLY start at 960px - NOT 1400px.

Is this possible? I also need the header image to remain centered on resize.

You can view the site and the issue here....
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You should force the container and the children to 100% width so it won't enlarge the layout. Since you use a centered background image, it will stay centered and be automatically cropped depending on the window width.

#bg_containers > div {
  width: 100% !important;

To avoid using !important, you can modify the script to not set a fixed width on these items.

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That worked! I had 100% set on both divs but it failed. As soon as I added !important - it worked so thanks for the tip! – lowercase Aug 16 '12 at 14:41

Try to add this css:

#bg_containers div {

You have there one container #bg_container and some child div's.

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