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I Have a ListView with many Items that is to be loaded in search. And I'd like to provide user the richer user interface so that when loading, I'd display a rotating circle (known from AJAX waiting).

I realize that I'll have to go into Threads or something, but as I've never done this before in WPF, I'm sure there is something better than Threads in WPF (or a simpe BackgroundWorker).

Anyways, the point is to display that animation while loading. Any idea? Thanks!

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OK I've got a working solution now.

I have a UserControl that contains that animation. It is located somewhere in my XAML code like this: <customControls:LoadingAnimation x:Name="LoadingAnimation" />. This control is loaded when neede by calling


Now when I click on a Button to do the time-consuming work, before I call BeginInvoke() I load that animation.

Then when the hard work is finished I call LoadingAnimation.Hide(). Very simple! I add code for the others:

private void SearchClick(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)

     new StringDelegate(DoSearch).BeginInvoke("TextToSearch", null, null);

private void DoSearch(string searchText)
    object result = /* Do the time consuming work */    

         new ResultDelagate(UpdateUserInterface), result);

private void UpdateUserInterface(object result)

    DataContext = result as /* what you want */;
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Just curious, how did you solve the canceling part ? –  cwap Aug 28 '09 at 6:48
Just have a status, IsSearching, and use datatriggers to show and hide the user control –  TerrorAustralis Oct 4 '10 at 23:33

I found an Article talking right about this:


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