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I am trying to sanitize user input in mongoose. I though that using mongoose middleware would help, but it seems that I am either wrong or I am doing something wrong.

The reason I am trying to use Mongoose middlewar (and not express middleware) is that I have a document that can have a nested document - however, that nested document can be a standalone document as well. I am trying to create a "single point of truth" for my documents so that I can sanitize only in one place.

The following code does not seem to work:

Organization.pre("validate", function (next) {
  this.subdomain = this.trim().toLowerCase();

PS. I am also using mongoose-validator, which in turn uses node-validator to validate the user input - node validator also has some sanitize methods, maybe I should use them somehow?

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In this case I think it would be better to add trim: true to the Organization schema definition for subdomain:

subdomain: { type: String, trim: true }
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Yes, I didn't realize that. Thanks! –  ragulka Aug 19 '12 at 12:58
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