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I'm trying to filter down an array of objects. But the property of the object to filter on is defined elsewhere as a variable and not 100% how i can construct the dot-notation syntax.

So i have a array object like this

var listings = [
    {"id" : "1", "name":"a name", "surname" : "a surname"},
    {"id" : "2", "name":"b name", "surname" : "b surname"},
    {"id" : "3", "name":"c name", "surname" : "c surname"}

I have a variable the specifies what property of the object to filter on. This variable isn't always set to name. In the example above it could be on id,name or surname.

var filter = 'id'

A var for the filter val to look for

var filterVal = '2'

Then i have this grep call.

listings = $.grep(listings, function (obj, index) {
return === filterVal;

But instead of having hard coded I want something like:

obj."value of filter variable" === filterVal

Thanks in advance


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You can make use of square bracket notation instead of dot notation.

var idKey = "name";
$.grep(listings, function (obj) {
    return obj[idKey] === filterVal;
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Awesome, thanks for that. Works perfectly. – Ben Aug 16 '12 at 13:25

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