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I have this html:

<div id="h101" data-stellar-ratio="6"><img src="images/h1_01.png" width="600"></div>
<div id="cloud01" data-stellar-ratio="0.5"><img src="images/cloud_01-s.png"></div>
<div id="cloud02" data-stellar-ratio="0.4"><img src="images/cloud_01-s.png"></div>
<div id="island01" data-stellar-ratio="2"><img src="images/island_01.png" width="620"></div>

I create an array from all the id's

$(".section > div").each(function() {

Now I have all the values in my ellementArray. What I want to do is to create this:

var h101Left = $("#h101").position().left;
var cloud01Left = $("#cloud01").position().left;
var island02Left = $("#island02").position().left;
var island03Left = $("#island03").position().left;

I was thinking something like this...

for (var i = 0; i < ellementArray.length; i++){
        jQuery.globalEval("var ellementArray[i] = ellementArray[i];")

Can somebody please help?

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You're overcomplicating things. Just create a map from string (the element ID) to number (the position-left value):

var leftPositions = {};
$(".section > div").each(function ()
    leftPositions[] = $(this).position().left;

BTW, if you still need an array of all the IDs, use .map() instead of .each(), and instead of $(this).attr('id'):

var elementArray = $(".section > div").map(function ()
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Good solution, but then my output will be: h101 = 200; What i need is h101left = 200... – user1603310 Aug 16 '12 at 13:38
Okay, so change leftPositions[] to leftPositions[ + 'left']. Not rocket science. – Matt Ball Aug 16 '12 at 13:39

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