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I need an intelligent way to allow users to post voice clips from Forvo in their lessons. Forvo requires usage of the helper using $this->Forvo->word('hola', 'es').

An idea would be to allow the user to use bb-code like [forvo=hola,es], but how to implement this? The only thing I can come up with is using a lot of substr, strpos... which would require at least 35 lines of code and this would not be pretty and secure.

// Replace forvos in the lesson
$lesson = $lesson['Lesson']['body'];

// Todo: 
// Replace [forvo=hello,en] by javascript from
// $this->Forvo->word('hello', 'en');

// I seem unable to use regex's like this
$pattern[0] = "/\[forvo\=(.*),(.*)]";
$replace[0] = $this->Forvo->word($1, $2);
echo preg_replace($pattern, $replace, $lesson);


Example of a lesson would be:

Pronounciations in Dutch
    een [forvo=een,nl]
    en [forvo=en,nl]
    de [forvo=de,nl]
    in [forvo=in,nl]
    met [forvo=met,nl]
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try looking at preg_replace_callback() – Waygood Aug 16 '12 at 13:56

Thank you, Waygood. It works with preg_replace_callback.

// Replace forvos in the lesson
$lesson = $lesson['Lesson']['body'];

function forvize($match) {
    $word = $match[1];
    $language = $match[2];
    $link = "  /word/".$word."/language/".$language."/order/rate-desc/limit/1/key/123456789/";
    $link = file_get_contents($link);
    return $link;

$lesson = preg_replace_callback("/\[forvo\=(.*),(.*)\]/", 'forvize', $lesson);
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