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I am trying to use the OWASP with some Classic ASP app, but did not found much information in how to do it, like a step-by-step.

The site seens to be the startup point: https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Classic_ASP_Security_Project but someone has a video, or a step-by-step?

Really thankful.

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There's no real security in classic ASP.

  • There is no authentication model, thus every app has to do their own thing
  • There is weak session management, with no ability to rotate session identifiers or prevent session hijacking. There is no anti-CSRF support
  • There is no authorization model, thus every app has to do their own thing. This means most classic ASP applications have access control issues at the presentation, business logic and data model layers.
  • Input validation is weak as most input validation is string replace, which is insufficient.
  • There's only server.htmlencode() and urlencode for output encoding, but there's no other methods for the other 10 or so output contexts, so XSS is likely
  • There's no method of preventing SQL injection other than using stored procedures, but that's fraught with risks if you do it wrong.
  • There's no easy method of logging without using an ActiveX server object to invoke the Win32 api to use the Windows event logs. This is neither easy or simple as these are designed to be used with a localized resource and not like syslog.
  • Security configuration within ASP is minimal reflecting its simple and ancient roots. There's very little you can do within code or global.asa to improve things.

There was an effort to port ESAPI to classic ASP. I don't think they finished. You might be able to use ESAPI for .NET via COM exports, but I wouldn't necessarily bet on it working.

At this stage, you should be investigating upgrading to ASP.NET 4.0 or later.

Andrew van der Stock
OWASP Developer Guide 2013 leader

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thanks for your feedback. –  Khrys Aug 22 '12 at 12:12

Instead of OWASP, you can use Microsoft AntiXSS which is a .Net library. Only problem is that you can't instanciate it directly from Classic Asp. You have to create a .net dll (visible from COM) and to wrap functions from AntiXSS in it.

Download : http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=28589

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