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  • I am making a ordering form that will multiply "Qty of Items" by "Unit price" to give the "Subtotal" by JavaScript.
  • The orders are stored in MySQL db and retrieved via PHP.
  • I want to manually enter "Unit Price," I wish after I type that number in the multiplication will happen.
  • There are 10 rows of items (an array).
  • All written code performs correctly as expected.


  • My JavaScript function only runs for the first row, not any others.
  • I want to run for every row, for each item type.

My Code


function calc(){


//previous miscellaneous code
$subCalc="<td><input name='units_".$alter."' id='units_".$alter."' type='hidden' value=".$rows['SUM(pizza_orders.qty)']."><input name='baseprice_".$alter."' id='baseprice_".$alter."' type='text' size='2' onchange='calc(this);'></td><td><input name='sub_".$alter."' id='sub_".$alter."' type='text' size='3'></td></tr>";

 //alternates the table row colour by modulus
    if ($alter %2 ==0){
        echo "<tr><td>".$rows['item_order']."</td>";
        echo "<td>".$rows['SUM(pizza_orders.qty)']."</td>".$subCalc;
            echo "<tr class=\"alt\"><td>".$rows['item_order']."</td>";
            echo "<td>".$rows['SUM(pizza_orders.qty)']."</td>".$subCalc;

Sample Result / Situation

enter image description here


Making a grand total at the bottom right, adding all of the sub-totals fields as they are "onchange".

subTotal=parseInt(document.getElementById("sub" + el.id.replace('baseprice', '')).value);                                                                                   document.getElementById("grandtotal")=  subTotal+parseInt(document.getElementById("grandtotal").value); 

Demo > JS Fiddle

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Looks like you need to loop over all of you rows. –  Aaron Kurtzhals Aug 16 '12 at 13:25

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An id has to be unique on a page, you have multiple input's with the same id on the page. Hence why it is only every performing the calculation on the first input. Your best bet is to append a numerical value to 'baseprice' and 'units' input to distinguish each row. In addition pass the 'this' keyword into the calc function to reference the element that has triggered the function.

Example row:

    <input id="units_1" name="units_1" type="hidden" value="10" />
<!-- attach an onchange handler to baseprice_1, when a change is made trigger the calc function. -->
    <input id="baseprice_1" name="baseprice_1" type="text" onchange="calc(this);" />
    <input id="sub_1" name="sub_1" type="text" />


/* An array to store the subtotals. */
grandTotalArr = [];

    function calc(el){
/* el = this (which is a reference to baseprice_1) */
        units=parseInt(document.getElementById("units" + el.id.replace('baseprice', '')).value);
        document.getElementById("sub" + el.id.replace('baseprice', '')).value=x;

/* Store the subtotal in the grandTotalArr using it's id as the key. */
grandTotalArr["sub" + el.id.replace('baseprice', '')] = x;
/* Implode all values with the + operator, and evaluate as a JS expression. Once evaluated, update the grand total. */
document.getElementById('grand_total').value = eval(grandTotalArr.join('+'));
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How shall I make each id different? I want to avoid copying the same code and changing one number. eg id1, id2... I have tried id[], this this is only for names. –  leechyeah Aug 16 '12 at 13:27
See above for an indication. –  trickyzter Aug 16 '12 at 13:40
Get the input elements using getElementsByTagName, loop through them and add the values of those input fields that have an id beginning with 'sub'. Or simplify the whole process using a JavaScript library like jQuery. –  trickyzter Aug 17 '12 at 19:29
'el' references 'this' passed into the calc function. –  trickyzter Aug 23 '12 at 23:32
See above. Note: It is usually recommended that you steer clear of using the eval function, however for your purposes you need worry. –  trickyzter Aug 28 '12 at 22:07

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