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I was just going through the curl library for codeigniter to understand the code. Here is the link. There is this function __call() which I am not sure about. Is it an inbuilt function in CI? I suppose it is called whenever any method of this library is called, for example using


Can someone please shed the light. I couldn't find much info on the codeigniter user guide.

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No - __call() is a php function. It is known as one of the magic methods.

The magic method __call() is to undeclared methods what __get() and __set() are to undeclared data member.

These methods are automatically called internally when the program tires to execute a method that has not been defined within the class at the time of development.

__call() takes two arguments. The first argument is the name of the undeclared method invoked by the program and the second is an array that contains a list of parameters passed to the undeclared array


class Customer {

    public function __call($name, $args) {
        echo "\n";
        echo "\n";

$c = new Customer();


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__call() is a magic function in OOP, it's invoked if the function isn't found. So because there is no simple_get() function inside the Curl class, the __call() function will be called, and you can see, there is a comment there, what will happen with the method call.

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