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iPhone News Application is now Ready for sale and on iAd Network status is - Live: This app is receiving live ads. You have configured ad preferences for this app. After Purchased not showing any kind of ad please help.

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What did you do inside your app code? Did you make use of ADBannerView? –  Kai Huppmann Aug 16 '12 at 13:46
Did you see test ads during development? (black banners with white text) –  Jilouc Aug 16 '12 at 13:47
Test Banner is working fine during development on simulator and device but not after when i download the app from app store. –  Bunty Madan Aug 17 '12 at 5:11
Sorry I know that i shouldnt comment, but I have the same issue (my app is already on the appstore iad-live ) but no banners or interstitials ads , Please share how much time did it take to get your ads showing properly. –  l.vasilev May 30 at 13:26

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It might be surprising not to see live ads when the app is on the App Store.

But it's not: iAd fill rate is usually low.
You don't get an ad each time you request one, but only if iAd is delivering ad campaigns at the moment.

I've been experiencing this. No ads for a long time, and then they started popping for a major campaign.

As a comparison, you have a very high fill rate with AdMob but a low revenue (eCPM). It's quite the opposite for iAd: low fill rate, high eCPM.

I think you can increase iAd fill rate by enabling developer ads (ads for other apps), but it will decrease the revenue revenue for the other campaigns.

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