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I need to keep my UISearchBar fixed in place whenever I scroll down my UITableView, I want it to stay in place fixed and do not disappear all of a sudden. How can i do it?

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I suggest to decouple the search bar from the table view, i.e. start the view of the table view just under a custom view which holds the search bar.

Edit for clarification: Instead of coupling the UISearchBar with the UITableView (i.e.: defining the search bar as the tableview header) create a sole UITableView (w/o search bar) and a sole UISearchbar. You have two views for the same logic instead of one view. Before, you had a UITableView which holds a UISearchbar for its header. Now you have a plain UITableView and a UISearchbar.

It is therefore up to you, where you want to have the search bar. If you prefer to have a search bar on top of the tableview, just define a view above the tableview and add the search bar to this view.

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can you give out more details? i m a newb in Xcode –  Elias Rahme Aug 17 '12 at 5:30
I edited my answer for more details. –  ff10 Aug 17 '12 at 9:04

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