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If you make deployment of your non-metro (old style) application you have basically two options:

  • put the shortcut to the main executable file in the start menu (default and recommended by the guidelines for the Windows Logo)
  • put the shortcut to the main executable file on the desktop (optional).

There is no start menu in the Windows 8 RTM. What is now recommended to create a program's shortcut for the non-metro applications in the Windows 8?

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For non-Store apps, if you specify the Start menu for an icon, it is added to the new Windows 8 Start Page. If you specify an app for the desktop, it will be added to the desktop.

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I've found that desktop shortcuts for non-Metro apps in the Windows 8 cannot be removed from the old-style desktop. In this case Windows Shows a confirm Dialog that the exe file will be deleted. Is it a new feature? How to delete the shortcut only? –  Alexander Zwitbaum Aug 22 '12 at 13:57

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