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New to InstallShield, I've built a setup project and used the setup file to deploy my app.

Now I need to update the app, here is what I've done:

  • Increment product version (I tried major minor and build).

  • generate new upgrade code.

  • build the setup project.

The installer refuses to install the app because "Another version of this product is already installed...".

How can I get InstallSheild to remove that other version? Thank you

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You should:

  • Go to "Organize your setup -> Upgrade paths"
  • Right-click on Upgrade Paths (listed on the left) and then "New Upgrade path"
  • Now you must select the OLD installation pack, specify details on your own (:
  • Just in this case, you can increase version on projects (BOTH! In general information on setup, and in Configuration/publish on application)
  • After increasing, create e new Product Code on General Information (to setup) and build! (:

Hope it helps someone (:

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I got the answer: Product code should be changed instead of upgrade code and the assemblies' file version must be incremented as well.

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Technically this change makes it a "Major Upgrade" (which is probably a good thing as they're a lot easier to reason about). – Michael Urman Aug 17 '12 at 11:32

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