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I am working in a html5 project. In which i am drawing multiple shapes (e.g. line, rectangle,circle etc) as an individual canvas.

In brief, i have a canvas on which my document is loaded and when i am drawing any shape i am making a new canvas for that particular drawing. But i am in a problem to zoom drawings because we have HTML5 method to zoom a drawing inside a canvas.



I want to zoom drawing with canvas also.

Thanks in advance.

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@Shanky : Your question seems to be a bit unclear at the moment.Can you please elaborate?

If you mean to ask whether it's possible to scale the canvas itself without having to redraw the contents,then sorry,you can't. Re-sizing a canvas(or even resetting it's dimensions to the same value will clear the canvas).

But yes,you can redraw the canvas to achieve the zoom effect.

Edit your question to include some more code so that we might be able to help you out!

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