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I want to add a div in a page and then add multiple images to it using jQuery, i have found some method here and try to implement it but image is not appearing although div is inserted in the body.

I am trying to do it like this.


        $("<div/>", {
          "id": "image",
          "css": { "display" : "block"},

        $("<img src='_ls-global/layout-images/layout.png'/>").appendTo("#image");
        $("<img src='_ls-global/layout-images/layout2.png'/>").appendTo("#image");


Please see whats the best approach to do this.


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You should cross check your images path. – yogi Aug 16 '12 at 13:46
sorry my bad it was the images path problem, thanks for mentioning it, got it right now. – Tall boY Aug 16 '12 at 13:51
$("<div/>", {
  "id": "image",
  "css": {"display" : "block"},
  html: $("<img src='_ls-global/layout-images/layout.png'/>
           <img src='_ls-global/layout-images/layout2.png'/>")
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Have you tried the following:

$('#image').prepend('<img src='_ls-global/layout-images/layout.png'/>')


$('<img />')
    .attr('src', '_ls-global/layout-images/layout.png')
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try do the following (and make sure your image path is correct):

var imageContainer = $('<div id="imageDiv"></div>');
var image1 = $('<img src="_ls-global/layout-images/layout.png" style="display:block"/>');
var image2 = $('<img src="_ls-global/layout-images/layout2.png" style="display:block"/>');
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