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I am aware of style in

< office:automatic-styles > .... < office:automatic-styles />


I want inline style same like HTML style,


< text:span style="color:" >< /text:span > (something like that) this possible?

if you know such example or article then please ref me.

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For LibreOffice 4 (probably applies to earlier versions and/or OpenOffice too):


  1. In styles.xml: in <office:styles>

    <style:style style:name="STYLE_NAME" style:family="text">
         <style:text-properties style:font-name="DejaVu Sans Mono1" ... />
  2. In content.xml:

    <text:span text:style-name="STYLE_NAME">abc def ghi jkl</text:span>


  1. Apply styles on a standard text and select it
  2. Open Styles and Formatting (from Format menu -> Styles and Formatting or press F11)
  3. Switch to Character Styles tab (second one, with "a")
  4. Use last button or the right side, New Style from Selection

Whenever you select text, currently used inline style will be highlighted in Styles and Formatting window. To apply a style, select text and double-click the style in the Styles and Formatting window.

Sorry the answer comes so late, I was just wondering myself and eventually found a solution.

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