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I'm working on a cross-platform multiplayer game on android and ios. I need to create a direct network connection between devices without a main server to be able to play without any internet access (e.g. in the metro).

I already tried this kind of game named "Skies of Glory" where the link between players were performed directly without internet access. Such as computer games, client players can see and connect on a game server created by one of players.

I was unable to find a "free" game framework able to provide this kind of network feature so I try to find out a standardized way to see host servers and etablish a communication without any user prompt thru a wireless connectivity (wifi or bluetooth). iOS and Android are separate worlds but most of network standards are supported by both platforms.

So how do it ?

I already excluded solutions:

  • Android's WIFI direct: not compatible with iOS and available on 4.x so it's too limited.
  • OSI's high level protocols because it suppose to be in the same managed network (so impossible in metro)

My leads

  • Turn one of the devices as a router but without user action.
  • Piconet technology if it's available on both OS.

If anybody have another idea ....

Thank you for your help

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On iOS you could try using Bonjour http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonjour_(software) https://developer.apple.com/technologies/ios/networking.html but there is a reasonable amount of your own programming that would be needed to build what you need.

On Android you might be able to use zeroconf http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero_configuration_networking if you can find a suitable existing port or port it yourself using the NDK.

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