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I have a base Controller in folder [app]/main/create_parent/create_parent.js

defined as


I have have several child controllers extending CreateParent e.g [app]/contact/create/create.js

defined as


This all works well(mostly) uncomprressed , randomly I get errors saying that it can't find the base controller.... Once compressed and packaged, I consistently get the error saying that the base controller is not defined.

This is obvioulsy due to a steal load order issue. In my main [app name].js I have:

       .then('./resources/jquery-ui', './resources/image_uploader')
          './impress.css', // application CSS file
          './models/models.js', // steals all your models

So I have "stolen" the base eate parent first "then" the rest of the controllers... So it seems I have done it correctly? Even when I steal the basec controller in my contact/create/create.js file first, it still complains.

So again, this all works fine on most loads when uncompressed all though randomly I do get the error, but once compressed it is consistent. I am clearly misunderstanding steal's functionality as I thought that the "then" syntax was to define load order?

Thanks Hans

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I had a similar problem which was caused by overriding of the string.split function.

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