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My question is: is it possible to set a (environment) variable or a property, only when a feature is selected? (for example in a feautre tree) What would be better, a variable, property...?

And how do I keep or pass the value, so I can check it in an ExePackage or MsiPackage with the InstallCondition?

I hope someone has an idea, because I tried every possible way which came to my mind, an none worked. thanks!

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This blog post describes the problem. One possibility might be to create a reg key component and add that to the feature you are trying to check. Then you could use that component as a test to see whether the feature is being installed. You could also query for that reg key to determine whether the feature was installed later in another installer.

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Thanks for your answer! I also thought about creating RegKeys, but I thought it would be a sloppy way to pass the information. But I tried this way, and it's definitly working =) – user1603513 Aug 21 '12 at 13:52

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