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My Query with QueryBuilder:

 <?php    $qb = $this->createQueryBuilder('m')  
                   ->join('m.sender', 's')
                   ->join('', 't')
                   ->where('(m.sender = '.$Myid.'OR = '.$Myid.')')
                   ->andWhere('m.grouper ='.$groupe) 
                   ->orderBy('m.created_date', 'ASC')

                   return $qb->getQuery()

How to display the last 10 results in ASC? thank you

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From Doctrine's documentation:

15.2.3. Limiting the Result

To limit a result the query builder has some methods in common with the Query object which can be retrieved from EntityManager#createQuery().

    // $qb instanceof QueryBuilder
    $offset = (int)$_GET['offset'];
    $limit = (int)$_GET['limit'];

    $qb->add('select', 'u')
       ->add('from', 'User u')
       ->add('orderBy', ' ASC')
       ->setFirstResult( $offset )
       ->setMaxResults( $limit );

As you can see, you have to use setFirstResult() and setMaxResults().

I suggest you to look the chapter dealing about the QueryBuilder in order to avoid your ugly parameters concatenations...

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I have used array_reverse, it's more simple solution. – Florian B Aug 16 '12 at 15:16

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