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I got this image and I'd like to fill the upper left black area with white, but all I get is a completely white image … Any ideas what's wrong with my code?


cv::Rect rect;
roi = cv::floodFill(roi, cv::Point(1,1), cv::Scalar(0), &rect, cv::Scalar(0), cv::Scalar(0), 4);

Input image:
enter image description here

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This is the image I get with the following code:

int main()    
    cv::Mat image = cv::imread("TF2XE.jpg", -1);    
    cv::imshow("image before filling", image);    
    int filling = cv::floodFill(image, cv::Point(0,0), 255, (cv::Rect*)0, cv::Scalar(), 200);   
    cv::imshow("image after filling", image);    
    return 0;    

Output image

Notice that I used 200 as upDiff parameter, since if you set it to 0 there will be some gray pixels that will not be considered inside the connected component, change that if that is indeed what you want.

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Not sure, but according to the documentation I was able to dig up, it says that cv::floodFill() returns an int. So assuming that roi is a matrix and the openCV matrix class defines operator= for int parameters, you could be assigning some int to each element of the matrix.

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