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Assuming client compatibility, is there any situation where CSS box-shadow is preferable to filter: drop-shadow.

From the article it seems like drop-shadow is a HW accelerated superset of box-shadow. This means that we should basically always use drop-shadow instead of box-shadow?

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There is only one difference between box-shadow and filter: drop-shadow. With box-shadow you can use inset shadows, but you can't do it with filter: drop-shadow. All depended on you. Check this example.

Why is better to use box-shadow insted of filter: drop-shadow?

  • Better browser support
  • Most of developers use it
  • Less code, more options
  • You can use inset shadows
  • You can use more than one shadow

Also, there is one example with image where is better to use filter: drop-shadow. The first one has rectangle shadow, but the other one has shadow which follow the edge of image.

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Not to mention the horrible filter support across browsers... – MetalFrog Aug 16 '12 at 16:06

Problem is that there is limited browser support for filter at the moment with box-shadow being much more supported.

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