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The RC class is not linked to a database, it is a simple class. The class is at only one place and is not partial. The Aérochem.Domain dll project compiles just fine.

Note: If I select one of the two identical namespaces in the quick fix menu, it does nothing.

Note2: This happens to a couple of classes (some related to a database, some not)

Is there a fix to that or a way to figure what's wrong?

enter image description here

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Have you tried doing a clean on the solution? –  John Koerner Aug 16 '12 at 15:07
Is that Resharper? Sometimes it gets confused and you have to clean and rebuild. –  jrummell Aug 16 '12 at 15:07
Cleaning did the trick! –  Mathieu Aug 16 '12 at 15:24
so lame, i had tried cleaning also but in the end i had to restart visual studio. –  Tony Nov 25 '13 at 15:10

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I had the same problem. I use ReSharper. The solution to my problem was not cleaning the solution but deleting the suo-file. Hope that helps.

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+2 ! This worked like a charm! –  Jess May 23 at 15:23
ReSharper, Options..., General, click Clear Caches and Rebuild All in Visual Studio. –  AUSTX_RJL Jun 2 at 15:34
It happened again. I think it is necessary to also restart visual studio. –  Jess Jun 17 at 18:42
This worked, provided I also did a rebuild. (FWIW I also cleared the caches, this may or may not have been important). Just deleting the .suo file was not enough. –  lc. Aug 12 at 2:51
+1 for resharper options -> clear cache -> rebuild all. It works for me. –  John Prado Oct 21 at 2:20

I had this problem and also ReSharper installed on visual studio.

Print screen 1

Print screen 2

I open bug ticket on ReSharper tracker and the development team advised me to do:


This problem can be solved by removing the Solution User Options (.Suo) File. This file is stored in the project root but is hidden. you need to check Folder Options-> View-> Show hidden files, folders, drives. and you need to close visual studio if you have open this project because is used by visual studio.

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As for the reference of any future users: This thread covers four answers whereas two are in the comments. I have faced the issue several times, three of these answers have helped me in the past, so if you face the same issue, try any of these:

  • Clean and/or Rebuild the Solution then reanalyze the files in Resharper.
  • Restart Visual Studio then reanalyze
  • Delete the bin/ folder then reanalyze
  • (Apparently deleting the suo-file can help, too, although I never had to do that and can't understand how it should help)
  • A combination of the three above.

(This is not really a new answer, it is more of a comment on the variety of answers and comments found - it is a community wiki so feel free to adapt it if necessary)

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The .dll was already in my /bin folder.

When I deleted it, it got rid of this error.

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Nothing recommendations help me. I returned to 8.1 version. It helps.

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