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I'm trying to save a button's location in a variable, but I have no idea how to do it.Since the code shows the x and the y of the button, can I also save both x and y separately?


I want it to save the X value in var1, and Y value in var2.

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You can save it as a single Point or as two different integers:

Point location = button.Location;
int xLocation = button.Location.X;
int yLocation = button.Location.Y;

You can then restore the position like this:

button.Location = location;
button.Location = new Point(xLocation, yLocation);

Note: Point is a struct (value type) so changing location will not change button.Location. In other words this will have no effect:

Point location = button.Location;
location.X += 100;

You'd need to do this:

Point location = button.Location;
location.X += 100;
button.Location = location;


button.Location = new Point(button.Location.X + 100, button.Location.Y);
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button.Location.X will give you the X value. button.Location.Y will give you the Y value.

So, yes you can save them separately.

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Point loc = new Point(button.Location.X,button.Location.Y)
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