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I've got three tables

dbo.Products (productname, price)
dbo.Stock (productid, storeid, stocklevel)
dbo.Store (storename)

Basically the Stock table is a relational table between both Products and Stock. It will show all products that have a stock for that particular store. This i am able to do, and this is what I get:

Store Name: BeachFrontStore

Products  StockLevel
Pencil    400 units
Bic Pen   640 units

Now I want to also add products that have no stock for that current Store. This way the user has a visual feedback. What i need to accomplish:

Store Name: BeachFrontStore

Products  StockLevel
Pencil    400 units
Bic Pen   640 units
Eraser    'no units'

The eraser would be a product that has no relation inside dbo.Stock, but does exists in dbo.Products.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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You would need to use LEFT JOINs on your tables to return values with nulls:

select p.productname, sl.stocklevel, s.storename
from products p
left join stocklevel sl
    on p.ProductID = sl.ProductID
left join store s
    on s.storeid = sl.storeid

See SQL Fiddle with Demo

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Acutally, i already had that and it does work, but for some very wierd reason it shows less products than it should! I have 1100 products in the dboProducts. But doing this only shows 39! –  CogentP Aug 16 '12 at 15:40
@user1603568 can you post some sample data for each table? –  bluefeet Aug 16 '12 at 15:55

You basically need an OUTER JOIN between products and stock to get all products - whether they have stock or not.

Something like:

     ISNULL(s.StockLevel, 'no units')
   dbo.Products p
   dbo.Stock s ON p.ProductID = s.ProductID
   (s.StoreId = 42 OR s.StoreID IS NULL)

This gives you the products and their stock - for a given store (here: StoreId = 42) - regardless of whether there's stock for that product - or not. Those products that are not stocked will return a NULL for their StockLevel, which I capture with the ISNULL function and convert it to no units for display.

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thanks for your help. I had already tried an OUTERJOIN, but i noticed you added a IS NULL at the WHERE. I followed your tip and it lead me to show a few more products, but no the whole table. I have 1100 products and it shows only 39 (before the ISNULL it would only show 8). I'm starting to think it may be a configuration problem, because simple logic tells me this code should work!! –  CogentP Aug 16 '12 at 15:42

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