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I am new to MVC and razor. I have an MVC 4 application. In the Shared -> _Layout.cshtml page, I have some content that I would like to hide if the user in not in the allowed list. How should I proceed?

I tried using something like this, but when I look at the running code, the parts between the <% %> are commented out.

    <a href="../Home/Index" style="color: White;">Home</a>
    <% if(*a condition*) { %>
        <a href="../Admin/Index" style="color: White;">Admin</a>
    <% } %>

Thank you

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If you are using razor, you just need to use @:

    <a href="../Home/Index" style="color: White;">Home</a>
    @if(1==2) {
        <a href="../Admin/Index" style="color: White;">Admin</a>

However, I would suggest you also look at using ActionLink, instead of hard coding the controller routes

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Thank you very much, the @ solved it. Indeed, ActionLink would be more appropriate. I have to rember to keep to razor, I used to be html and .net. – user1482939 Aug 16 '12 at 15:59
@user1482939 razor is a lovely, flowing syntax which allows you to bash out screens very quickly. – StuartLC Aug 16 '12 at 16:07

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