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This must be a really trivial question but I'm struggeling to get a solution. Here is my problem:

this works

#I run a simple regression
 dataf <- mtcars
 summary(fit1 <- lm(mpg ~ wt,  data=dataf))

#Then I merge the fitted values with the data frame
 dataf$fit <- fitted(fit1)

This (of course) doesn't work

 summary(fit2 <- lm(mpg ~ wt,  data=dataf))
#of course the NA value reduces my lm output
 dataf$fit2 <- fitted(fit2)

Error in `$<`(`*tmp*`, "fit2", value = c(23.3189679389035,  : 
replacement has 31 rows, data has 32

but how do I geht the second example to work? I tried a solution via the row.names in model.matrix() but this does not work when I include certain factors in my regression (this has been reported as a bug if I understand this correctly). Thank you for your kind help!

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2 Answers 2

dataf$fit2 <- NA
dataf$fit2[!$wt)] <- fitted(fit2)
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After some search I think I found an alternative

summary(fit2 <- lm(mpg ~ wt,  data=dataf, na.action="na.exclude"))
dataf$fit2 <- fitted(fit2)

should do the trick. right?

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Yes. See ? – Roland Aug 16 '12 at 15:40

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