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I'm working on a site that loads pages of images into a div using jquery's $.ajax. When the user scrolls to the bottom of the page, another page of images is loaded into the div. Currently I have the new content fading in, but it is fading in before the images are fully loaded. I checked for a solution but couldn't find any that worked for me. To clarify, each set of images is a div filled with divs for the individual images.

Here is the load function I am using:

function loadContent(pageName, pageView, max_feed){
        loader="<div id=loader><img src=SPACER" height=\"100\" \>"
            + "<br/><img src=\"LOADER" />"
            + "<br/><img src=\"SPACER" height=\"100\" \></div>";
            data:{view:pageView, max_feed_id:max_feed},
                $(window).data('loading', false);

Is there any simple way that I could wait for the new content to load before fadeIn() is called? i.e. is there something similar to


that I could use for just the div content? I was thinking of setting some sort of global variable like isLoadingMore then setting that to false in the beginning of the ajax loaded content, and then adding in the


function to the ajax page that would have a function in it to set the variable to true and then just adding a while loop or something that would wait for that flag to be set to true before calling the fadeIn function in the loadContent function. Don't know if that would be a good idea though or even work

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On your images you can have do the following

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Sounds like a good candidate for my plugin: waitForImages.

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