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I'm running and Web Forms web site (IIS 7.5) and I want to register a specific HTTP Handler for specific file types in a folder and its sub-folders. For example, I want all requests for PDF documents residing in the /Downloads or /Library to be handled by my custom handler.

I have tried the following entry in Web.config...

   <add name="DownloadManager_Downloads" verb ="GET" path="/Downloads/*.pdf" type="DownloadManager, XXX" />
   <add name="DownloadManager_Library" verb ="GET" path="/Library/*.pdf" type="DownloadManager, XXX" />

But whilst this handles /Downloads/Test.pdf it does not handle /Downloads/Latest/Test.pdf

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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In the end, I re-factored the original handler as an HttpModule. This gave me full control over where the mechanism should/should not be invoked.

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