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Given the UUID used in SDP of the Bluetooth run a discovery query to know the Bluetooth devices who are using the same UUID without connecting with them. I want a solution for Android 2.3.x.

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The fetchUuidsWithSdp() API allows you to see which UUIDs are supported on remote devices. http://developer.android.com/reference/android/bluetooth/BluetoothDevice.html#fetchUuidsWithSdp

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I asked the question for Android 2.3.x. These functions are for Android 4.0.x. –  Shubham Toshniwal Aug 16 '12 at 17:29
Just change the API level in the dropdown on the left hand side. I don't think the Bluetooth APIs have changed much between 2.3.x and 4.2.2 anyway. –  Eliot May 11 '13 at 1:28
Yea use the newest API but keep the target 2.3.x - Some minor things like the theme widgets will not work... but you obviously do not need those. –  ppumkin Sep 13 '13 at 8:40
They are available also in Android 2.3.3 ..just hidden. Use reflection to call them –  The Good Giant Jun 18 '14 at 15:00

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