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What does the following variable assignment mean in T-SQL?

SET @myvariable += 'test'
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myvariable = myvariable + 'test' – Josua Marcel Chrisano Aug 16 '12 at 16:02
I don't mean to be rude here, but how did you attempt to find the answer for yourself before asking? I ask because I typed in "+=" into the books online index that I have installed on my laptop and += has an entry. – Ben Thul Aug 16 '12 at 21:07
Nice one @BenThul. try to search it on google first. – Josua Marcel Chrisano Aug 18 '12 at 19:32
Josua, Google doesn't recognzie the combination of "+" and "=" in searches. You're obviously not too bright. You should try out your own suggested 'solution' before you embarrass yourself – Lloyd Banks Oct 1 '12 at 19:45

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In SQL Server 2008 and later, it is shorthand for addition / concatenation and assignment.

set @x += 'test'

is the same as:

set @x = @x + 'test'
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The same as many other programming languages - append (or add depending on the variable's datatype, but append in this case) to the existing value.

E.g. if the value of @myvariable is currently hello, after this assignment the value will be hellotest.

It's a shortcut for: SET @myvariable = @myvariable + 'test', introduced in SQL Server 2008.

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@myvariable acumulate 'test' for example if @myvariable has a value before like 'hello ' @myvariable += 'test' change the value to 'hello test'

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SET @v1 += 'expression' is equivalent to SET @v1 = @v1 + 'expression'.

The += operator cannot be used without a variable. For example, the following code will cause an error:

SELECT 'Adventure' += 'Works'

The following example concatenates using the += operator.

DECLARE @v1 varchar(40);
SET @v1 = 'This is the original.';
SET @v1 += ' More text.';
PRINT @v1;

Here is the result set: This is the original. More text.

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it is equal to

SET @myvariable = @myvariable + 'test'
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It's shorthand for Something = Something + SomethingElse.

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It appends the value on the right side of += to the variable . In this example @myvariable will be appended with string value test (assuming string @myvariable can accept string values.

This logic will also applies to most programming languages

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