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I need to serve REST data about a many-to-many relationship. I've been playing with web2py's lovely parse_as_rest functionality, but can't quite get the many-to-many thing working.

As an example, let's take standard users and groups.


  1. user
    • id
    • user_name
  2. group
    • id
    • group_name
  3. membership
    • id
    • user_id
    • group_id

What pattern do I need to use to serve a url that will give me all group_name's that a user belongs to?

patterns = [

# This is the line that I can't make yet:
#"/user[user]/id/{user.id}/membership[membership.user_id]/group<WHAT GOES HERE>",

parser = db.parse_as_rest(patterns, args, vars)

With the non-commented lines above, I can get to these urls:

  1. .../user
  2. .../user/id/1
  3. .../user/id/1/membership
  4. .../group
  5. .../group/id/3

URL #3 shows me all my memberships, and I can then make several separate calls to URL #5 to get the group_name values, but there's got to be a way to do this with one call.

Help me StackOverflow! You're my only hope.

EDIT: Fixed bad cutting and pasting.

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This question is in top of Google search for that topic.

Just start building query from the many-to-many table.


You don't really need 'user' table for this request.

Then request to "/user/id/22/groups" will give you all groups not only their IDs.

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