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Hi I am relatively new to iOS development. I have an app with a map view where clients will register their location with me and i will implement a pin point onto the app's map.

Where I am struggling is the callout. The callout button is divided by the string of the title that matches. My plan is when a callout is pressed on one pin, it will go to a new view. As each view will have the same look and feel, I want to be able to change the image, title and website links in the code of each pin on the one view... If that makes sense?

So is there a way to pass information of image files, title strings and URL from between views or is there an easier method?


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Anna, I can't thank you enough!! I now know exactly how to overcome this problem! Many thanks!! –  SirJoeyMichaels Aug 16 '12 at 20:19

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