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I'm trying to make a category adopt a protocol, and I'm having a problem with what seems like a simple thing.

The interface declaration is:

@interface UIView (UIViewCategory) <DesiredProtocol> 

And I was assuming the implementation declaration should be the same:

@implementation UIView (UIViewCategory) <DesiredProtocol> 

But this gets a yellow warning in XCode, with the message: "Protocol qualifiers without 'id' is archaic".

So should the declaration be:

@implementation UIView (UIViewCategory) id<DesiredProtocol> 


I can't find reference for this specific issue. Much thanks for all replies.

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You don't need the protocol list on an @implementation block, whether it's a category or not.

@implementation UIView (UIViewCategory)
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+1 right. it's omitted on the @implementation, just like a regular @interface+@implementation pair –  justin Aug 16 '12 at 17:42

This is how you declare a protocol

@protocol ProtocolName <NSObject>

//protocol methods


Later it's property

@interface ProtocolClass: NSObject
@property (nonatomic, unsafe_unretained) id <ProtocolName> delegate;
//Synthesize it!

And then you adopt it

@interface ClassThatAdoptsProtocol: NSObject <ProtocolName>{...}
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