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Often I want to search and replace in vim like this:


Is there a way to make this syntax more efficient so that I can reference <search_pattern> in the replace value? I'm thinking it would be something similar to back referencing by group name/number, but I can't find any docs on this.

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Use the & character to represent the matched pattern in the replacement:


Alternately you can use \0, which is a back-reference for the whole matched pattern, and so may be easier to remember:


See :help sub-replace-special

And, thanks to @kev, you can force an empty pattern at the end of your search string using \zs, to be replaced by _foo in the replacement:


This means: replace the end of the search string with _foo.

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Perfect, thanks! I guess I can't accept until 10 minutes has ticked by... –  AJ. Aug 16 '12 at 17:21
:%s/<search_pattern>\zs/_foo/g works too. –  kev Aug 16 '12 at 18:09

You can either use & for the entire search pattern, or you can use groups to match a section of the pattern. Using &:


This would accomplish what you're looking for. If you need something a little more complex use groups. To make a group, surround part of the search pattern with (escaped) parenthesis. You can then reference that with \n, where n is the group number. An example would explain it better.

You have the following file:


You want to change any instance of bread,butter to bread and butter:

:%s/\(bread\),\(butter\)/\1 and \2/g
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