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Using Coda Slider I am trying to get the markers (CSS triangles) to move when a new tab is selected. Here is what I am aiming for: Design, Here is my work so far: WIP.

At the moment the arrow is drawn at the bottom of the navigation pannel on the left but I need it to move to the middle of the x coordinate of a tab when selected. Any ideas?

I can move the arrows on the chrome console using:

var position = ($(".current").position().left)-($(".arrows").position().left);
    .animate({left: '+=500'}, 2000)
    .animate({left: '+=500'}, 2000)

But whenever I try to use position as a variable to translate it, Its stops working. Anyone?

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I make some changes in "coda-slider.css" and "jquery.coda-slider-3.0.min.js"

you can't change the style from the "coda-slider.css" because there is style in the JQuery file "jquery.coda-slider-3.0.min.js"

you can download the source of the Coin Slider

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Surely it is possible to use jQuery's position().left method to find the x coordinate of the 'current' class tab and translate the arrow to this coordinate. I would have thought that this would be better than using separate images –  Sycren Aug 18 '12 at 11:28
yes it will be better than separate images, but I make it with CSS without using JQuery position –  Osama Ahmad Aug 18 '12 at 14:12
Download the file again, it is changed –  Osama Ahmad Aug 18 '12 at 14:26
I found an answer too but thanks for the help: deeplogic.info/kashflow (View Source to see changes - the code above in the action method for changing tabs) –  Sycren Aug 18 '12 at 17:40
you are welcome, it looks nice now :) –  Osama Ahmad Aug 18 '12 at 18:26

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