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I have a button that is made using anchor tags and display:block; (so the entire button in cickable)

I want to add a linebreak in the button (for styling purposes) and am achieving this through the display:block; property. The problem is that the part of the button that the display:block; property is assigned becomes unclickable.

Here is my code:


<a href="#">
   <span class="top">Connected To</span>
   <span class="bottom">Relationships</span>


      padding:5px 20px;

Any ideas?

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Even though this code is perhaps more complicated than it needs to be, it works just fine. Perhaps your problem is somewhere else.

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I am using cufon for the fonts, would that have any impact? – Shahmeer Navid Aug 16 '12 at 18:31
@ShahmeerNavid: Possibly. You should post the exact setup you have (preferably as a JSfiddle), otherwise it's hard to see how people can help. – Jon Aug 16 '12 at 18:40

Is there any kind of weird line-height setting that you may have applied with the cufon style?

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