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I have developed a membership plugin (Wordpress) which provides different membership levels. It facilitate users with content, membership managment, protect variety of content and etc. It supports PayPal, Authorize.net and ClickBank payments. It provide multiple autorespnoders like Aweber, MailChimp and GerResponse

I have an other RESTful API which provides licensing services. I'm able to genereate license key, validate and update keys via this service.

I need to integrate my membership plugin with that Software Licesning service, that means if someone downloads the plugin and installs it on their wordpress site, it should at first not work. Instead it asks them to provide a license key.

Now suppoese if the user purchases the license key for that membership plugin. Sometimes there are different versions of a license, like basic or pro or ultimate , the person issuing the license can make choose whatever he wants and indicate that in "disposition"

So let's say user had a "basic" version of my membership plugin that only supported paypal payments or only supported Aweber. I can get the license information and see that disposition = basic tthen i would render only the basic elements. if i see that disposition = pro then i would render the entire plugin.

If the license ever expired, I would disable the plugin and ask for a new license key again. if the license key that they provide was expired or deleted or invalid then i would not enable the plugin but would keep asking for a license key until i got one that was valid.

I hope you understand all that, What would be the best way to accomplish this integration? How can i manage different elements rendering of my plugin on base of license key? Please refer me to some good example which model this kind of integration?

I'm experienced developer and i know how to code but i am looking for some professional way to accomplish this kind of integration.

I do appreciate all of your help. Thanks

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What have you tried? –  Mike Brant Aug 16 '12 at 18:31
I have not tried anything yet, I just first wanted to get some professional approach from community. Thank –  Irfan Dayan Aug 17 '12 at 17:11

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Setting aside for a moment the coding required to integrate your licensing system with your application and looking at this from a more generalised point of view - PHP being an open source interpreted language, this is next to impossible.

You can distribute "compiled" byte codes built with something like IonCube, Zend Guard or others instead of the raw source code, but these are still relatively easy to reverse engineer if you really want to. Most (all?) of them also require the installation of PHP/Zend extensions, which users who are on shared hosting - which will account for a good chunk of your potential customer base if you are targeting Wordpress - may not have available and will not be able to install.

What I generally say to people who ask this sort of question is "make money from support, not from licensing."

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