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I'm trying to use the HBase Java client to answer the following question as efficiently as possible:

For a given row and a given column family, which qualifiers have a certain prefix?

I'd likely use a QualifierFilter with a BinaryPrefixComparator. Would this work? My intuition is that it should be possible to do this without sending the corresponding cell contents of those columns, right? Would something like a KeyOnlyFilter work here?

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Here's what I got to work. KeyOnlyFilter works splendidly, as does ColumnPrefixFilter, which as far as I can tell is equivalent to QualifierFilter and BinaryPrefixComparator.

Scan scan = new Scan(MY_ROW, getSuccessor(MY_ROW))
                    new FilterList(
                        Operator.MUST_PASS_ALL, Arrays.<Filter>asList(
                            new KeyOnlyFilter(),
                            new ColumnPrefixFilter(MY_PREFIX)

Where getSuccessor() is a function that merely adds a null byte to the end.

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