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First go on Stack Overflow so bare with me.

I basically have a Wordpress site that has various custom fields attached to a custom post type.

Now not all of the custom fields are required, also some of the custom fields are grouped into their own tabular structure.

I need to check if either of 2 custom fields have content, and if they do display the table.

My php is fairly limited but I did some research and it should work, but its not.

The code is as follows:

<?php if (get_field( 'meeting_documents_agendas' && 'meeting_documents_minutes')) : ?>
        <h3>Meeting Documents</h3>

        <table class="downloads">
                    <th class="last">&nbsp;</th>
                <?php if ( get_field( 'meeting_documents_agendas' ) ) : ?>
                    <td><a href="<?php echo get_field('meeting_documents_agendas');?>">Download file</a></td>
                <? endif ?>
                <?php if ( get_field( 'meeting_documents_minutes' ) ) : ?>
                    <td><a href="<?php echo get_field('meeting_documents_minutes');?>">Download file</a></td>
                <? endif ?>

<? endif ?>

Basically nothing is displaying, even if I have content in those custom fields.

Is the code right? Could it be a Wordpress bug? Appreciate the help.

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Are you using the plugin Advanced Custom Fields? –  nalply Aug 16 '12 at 18:44

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<? if (get_field('meeting_documents_agendas') || get_field('meeting_documents_minutes')): ?>

This means: if one or both of the fields are set, display the table.

Don't use && because this means that both fields must be set. Use get_field() twice because you want to logically link the results of get_fields(), not the parameters themselves.

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Brilliant, that has helped me. –  Nick Toye Aug 17 '12 at 11:05
To help you continuing as a new user: Please upvote my question and accept it as an answer. You seem to have liked it. –  nalply Aug 17 '12 at 11:18

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