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[Note: all oauth tokens/secrets below were created randomly; they are NOT my actual tokens/secrets]

curl -o /tmp/test.txt '

[I added newlines for clarity; actual command is one single line]

Assuming all the other data is valid, why does the command above yield "Failed to validate oauth signature and token" (even when I use my real data)?

In particular, is my signature "H0KLLecZNAAz%2bXoyrPRiUs37X3Zz%2bAcabMa5M4oDLkM" invalid, or am I doing something more fundamentally wrong.

The program I used to generate this:

use Digest::SHA; 

%twitter_auth_hash = ( 
"oauth_access_token" => "47849378-rZlzmwutYqGypbLsQUoZUsGdDkVVRkjkOkSfikNZC", 
"oauth_access_token_secret" => "YePiEkSDFdYAOgscijMCazcSfBflykjsEyaaVbuJeO", 
"consumer_key" => "UEIUyoBjBRomdvrVcUTn", 
"consumer_secret" => "rUOeZMYraAapKmXqYpxNLTOuGNmAQbGFqUEpPRlW" 

# if uncommented, pull my actual data 
# require ""; 

$twitter_auth_hash{"oauth_signature_method"} = "HMAC-SHA1"; 
$twitter_auth_hash{"oauth_version"} = "1.0"; 
$twitter_auth_hash{"oauth_timestamp"} = time(); 
$twitter_auth_hash{"oauth_nonce"} = time(); 

for $i (keys %twitter_auth_hash) { 

$str = join("&",@str); 

# thing to sign 
$url = "GET $str"; 

# signing it 
$sig = urlencode(Digest::SHA::hmac_sha256_base64($url, "rUOeZMYraAapKmXqYpxNLTOuGNmAQbGFqUEpPRlW&YePiEkSDFdYAOgscijMCazcSfBflykjsEyaaVbuJeO")); 

# full URL incl sig 
$furl = "$str&oauth_signature=$sig"; 
# system("curl -o /tmp/testing.txt '$furl'"); 

print "FURL: $furl\n"; 
print "STR: $str\n"; 
print "SIG: $sig\n"; 

sub urlencode { 
  my($str) = @_; 
  $str=~s/ /\+/isg; 
  return $str; 

Note: I realize there are many other possible reasons this is failing, but current question is: am I sending the parameters correctly and am I computing the signature correctly.

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Twitter asks that you do a POST for the request token.

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This is exactly what I needed, but couldn't find. Thanks!!! – barrycarter Aug 16 '12 at 20:12

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