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fun {Factorial N}
   local FactorialAux in
      fun {FactorialAux N Product}
     if N == 0 then Product
     else {FactorialAux N-1 {fibo N}|Product}
      {FactorialAux N nil}

fun {fibo N}
   if N==1 then 1
   else if N==2 then 1
    else {fibo N-1}+{fibo N-2}

{Browse {Factorial 3}}

My code prints the list of fibonacci number.If N =4 then it prints first four fibonacci number list This is my code in which i am getting the error stated in the heading of question. Thanks for any help in advance

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Variables must start with an uppercase letter in Oz. Procedure and function names are always variables, so they must also start with an uppercase letter.

Your function fibo should be called Fibo. And of course, all calls to fibo must be fixed, too.

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