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I have the following models:

Person model has many to many (M2M) relationship with Questions.

class Person(models.Model):
    name = models.CharField(max_length=100)
    questions = models.ManyToManyField(Question, related_name='persons')

I see from the Django debug toolbar that when I issue:

persons = Person.objects.filter(name="Foo").prefetch_related("questions")

it does 2 queries, one to Person table, another to Questions table as excepted.

However, if I traverse the list in the template, additional select queries for each row of Person is being made.

{% for person in persons %}
{{ }}
   {%  for question in person.questions.all %}
       {{ question.text }}
   {% endfor %}
{% endfor %}

This is the second SQL for the questions, so definitely prefetch is working, but somehow it needs the additional queries to show each question.

SELECT ("myapp_person_questions"."person_id") AS "_prefetch_related_val", 
"myapp_question"."id", "myapp_question"."asker_id", 
 "myapp_question"."question", "myapp_question"."timestamp" 
INNER JOIN "myapp_person_questions" ON ("myapp_question"."id" = 
 "myapp_person_questions"."question_id") WHERE              
 "myapp_person_questions"."person_id" IN (1, 2, 3, 4) ORDER BY 
 "myapp_question"."timestamp" DESC

SELECT "myapp_question"."id", "myapp_question"."asker_id", 
"myapp_question"."question", "myapp_question"."timestamp" FROM 
"myapp_question" INNER JOIN "myapp_person_questions" 
ON ("myapp_question"."id" = "myapp_person_questions"."question_id") 
WHERE "myapp_person_questions"."person_id" = 1 ORDER BY "myapp_question"."timestamp" DESC

I disabled all custom Managers, so I am quite sure additional filtering is not done on the QuerySet.

One thing to note is that I do not explicitly generate the join table myself, could that be the issue? (using through)

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How does the question model look? It might be possible that it references the persons model in some way which makes it query the DB again. – Exelian Aug 17 '12 at 10:22

I was having this same problem: I was executing additional queries each time I tried to reference something I thought I'd pulled back in my query! I think I found the solution. In order to prevent additional lookups for each instance, you can extend your prefetch_related to include the lookup tables you need. Indeed, this produces one more query, but it doesn't produce 10,000 queries, assuming you have 10,000 persons you are trying to access.

    students = Person.objects.select_related('gender',

In the above code, I am able to get all the lookup tables (one-to-ones) for my person records using the select_related. Then, I am able to get my many-to-manys using the prefetch_related (of personethnicity and studentsemester), and I am able to get the lookup tables that go with those many-to-many tables by doing personethnicity__ethnicity, etc.

In a query that pulls back 8000 students or so, I am only doing 15 SQL queries with this code. I then reference my prefetched fields by doing (in my case, within a loop for stud in students) like this:

studict['ethnicities'] = ''
for myeth in stud.personethnicity_set.all(): 
    studict['ethnicities'] += str(myeth.ethnicity) + ' '

Hope this helps.

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