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Is there anyway we can attach a event handler to copy event in iPad/iPhone?

enter image description here

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I tried oncopy event which works in almost all the standard browser. Luckily it works on iPad too.

//Since there is no "copy" method exposed by jQuery I am using "on" method
$(document).on('copy', function(){
    //Copy event triggered

Similarly cut and paste events also work.

Note: Instead of document if you want to handle event only one a specific container even that works too.

$('containerSelector').on('copy', function(){

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According to spec (link) copy/paste events are not suppoerted in iOS

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arriving late here, but I see 2 ways:

  • if listening to the copy event of an input, just add a oncopy property to the <input> (

  • if listening to the copy event on any DOM element (can be the whole document, but any other DOM element including input), add an event listener to "copy":

    document.addEventListener("copy", callback);
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