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while trying to start some old revision of an opensource rails project confronted with a cloudy error message:

"can't activate activesupport (>= 2.3.2, runtime), already activated activesupport-2.1.2"

What does it mean? Either versions of rails and activesupport are installed on my box.

I'm confused...

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Generally, a gem or plugin is loading 2.1.2 before Rails attempts to load 2.3.2. Best way to figure it out might be to comment out each gem requirement in environment.rb one at a time and see what happens.

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Had the same problem, only with different version numbers. In my case, I had to downgrade my version of the activemerchant gem. – tybro0103 Oct 14 '11 at 23:53

If you don't need the older version of the gem the easiest way to get up and running is to remove it.

gem uninstall activesupport

to remove the old versions

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Do you have installed the recent active support gem?

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Look in the trace associated with the error message. I recently encountered this problem where there was an instance of script/process/reaper which was getting run by Capistrano and preloading the older version. In the trace it showed the file which was trying to load the older version.

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with that error, Rails' Active Support is not working, because on your machine the Active Support Gem is installed with 2.1.2 version while the project requires a recent version (2.3.2) of that gem.

IMHO, I think you have to upgrade the gem, because a lot a times I solved typing this on terminal:

gem install gem_name

where gem_name is the name of the gem you want to install. Ruby will remove the old version and install the newer. Download the activesupport-2.3.2.gem from and place it on the directory of your project and execute the command.

You can find here other gems on:

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I was also getting the same error but later i updated the Rails and downloaded all the dependencies and issue got resolved.

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