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i'm trying to iterate through users profiles and log each profile on a system.

for /d %%X in (C:\Users\*) do (
echo %username% >> C:\%computername%.log


The problem i'm having is i have to run this cmd with elevated privileges. So since it's being run as admin, the output is just Admin

i've tried echo %username%,%cd%,%userprofile% and i can't get the output of the current path... i was hoping %cd% worked because i was thinking that during the loop it's going into the path... but ur still the admin account.


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I'm thinking you may have wanted:

for /d %%X in  (C:\Users\*) do (
    echo %%X >> C:\%computername%.log
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BOOM!!!! Thanks... I love/hate stupid mistakes. –  user1101105 Aug 16 '12 at 22:03

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