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I'm having some problems integrating libraries to the Libraries-folder in Mozilla's Add-on Builder:

Few weeks ago I wrote a library and was only able to add it to one of my add-ons when the library was public. Now I suddenly can add it even though it's been made private(!?) I would like to modify an existing library (Erik Vold's toolbarbutton). So I made a copy, modified it, and now I would like to use it. But no matter if it's private or public I can't find it clicking on the + next to "Libraries" and entering the exact name. Same goes for another library that I created myself...
So I feel like twisting a wheel of fortune here. Sometimes it works - most times it doesn't...

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This is a known issue with the builder that we hope to resolve soon:


Sorry I don't currently have a better answer!

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Ah, that's a good answer since it saves me some hours of searching for a solution ;} I try using the SDK now... Thank You –  user1521685 Aug 18 '12 at 22:42

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