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I'm trying to setup propel for the first time but I can't seem to get it configured right.

My workspace is like so:




So I want to set this up so I can have propel generator will just be in ./dev/propel/ and only the files that are needed (runtime / build) will be in the ./[project_name]/www that leaves all project configs in there own project folder ./[project_name] so I can just build them from ./projects/[project_name].

if there is a better way of doing this, please let me know... is there any easy way to move ./dev/ to ./prod/? or just do a CP then run the migration script?

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With the last Propel versions (1.6.x), you can use Composer to manage your dependencies in your project. It's not an answer to your question but having a global Propel installation is not recommended at all, same thing for separating runtime and generator.

If both dev and prod own the same configuration, you can do a cp. But most of the time, it's recommended to generate files in dev and in prod as you can have different configurations. That's why having the full Propel lib in its project is a good idea.

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