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I'm using well known Mega Drop Down Menu plugin from here. It is working fine but not if you want to make two lines of menu. I create an example here : jsFiddle There is a problem on second line menu is too height when you hover on it. Thank you for help.

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I am not positive if this menu was designed to be used in this manner but you could do something like:

    rowItems: '3',
    speed: 0,
    effect: 'slide',
    event: 'hover',
    fullWidth: true,
    beforeOpen: function() {
        $(this).find(".mega").css("top", 40 + $(this).offset().top-$(this).parent().offset().top);

Basically to change the menu top beforeOpen depending on the offset of the menu item selected.

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Do the job. Thank you. – devsoft Aug 17 '12 at 7:41

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